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EP 016: Why Finding Your Tribe Is Important

Finding Your Tribe   We all know that finding people that “get it” can be challenging. More importantly, finding people who...

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EP 015: When You Lose Your Job Unexpectedly

Job Loss In today’s episode, I will be sharing something that I have dealt with many times in my career. Losing...

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Episode 013: Dîner en Blanc Orlando-What You Need To Know

Have plans to attend Dîner en Blanc? Today on the show, our guest Tash Johnson of Orlando Dîner en Blanc is...

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Episode 010: You Need To Say This Word With Confidence

EP 010: You Need To Say This Word With Confidence And Without Hesitation Today over on The P Word Podcast we...

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Episode 009: The Representative

When you meet the representative you know the representative the person that shows up and paints a pretty picture of who...

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Sharing tools for success to help empower women like you! 

Tiffany Brown

As an award-winning brand ambassador, successful saleswoman, and social media influencer, I have attained a wealth of knowledge about setting goals – and surpassing them. I am compelled to share my knowledge and be a blessing to others – regardless of where they exist on the spectrum of success. My podcast – The P Word – focuses on the professional development of women to help discover their power and purpose.

Power, Professional, Purpose

These are a few of my “P“ Words and The “P” Word Podcast is designed to educate, empower and motivate you to fulfill your purpose. My goal is to propel women to perpetual victory (and a few men, too)!

I am inspired to take lessons I've learned from the professional word and serve as a resource to others. Subscribe to The “P” Word Podcast on iTunes and let me know what you think!
Are you ready to take control and be the best version of yourself?

Are you ready to The “P” Word Podcast, where we firmly believe that you can do anything you set your mind to take control and learn everything you need to know to take over and finally be the best version of yourself?

If your answer is yes, then listen up as our host, Tiffany Brown takes you on a journey through all the crucial elements of The “P” Word.

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